Landlord Checklist

Real estate owners can learn how to lease smarter, to ensure that the leasing process benefits them. This includes choosing the right tenants, and maximising financial gain. The property also needs to be protected, so it maintains it’s value during the leasing process.

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To ensure that we can secure the best possible tenant and the best rental rate for your property it is important to ensure your investment property is well presented and maintained and compliant with current legislation. To help guide you through this process, we have prepared a checklist for you, to ensure that important items have not been overlooked.

Checklist A

Following are items that are the landlord’s responsibility and it is advisable that they are attended to, as some in particular are a legal requirement for all leased properties under the Residential Tenancies Act.

  • All locks are fitted and keys are available for each lock
  • The property provides adequate security to enable tenants to obtain contents insurance
  • Two copies of the Body Corporate By-laws given to the Managing Agent – one for the agent and one for the tenant, if applicable
  • Pest control has been completed for 12 months. Annual pest control is required
  • Telephone line installation approval has been given. (Tenant is responsible for the connection)
  • 3 Full sets of keys to be provided – one set for the managing agent and one set for the tenant – As per Residential Tenancies Act Entry door key(s) will be required for each additional leaseholder. (this number can change with each tenancy)
  • The property has been cleaned in detail removing any dust and dirt. (The property must meet the expectations of the ingoing condition report in regards to cleanliness and a professional clean is recommended)
  • Smoke alarms are fitted as per the Fire Protection Regulation – Refer to Fact Sheet
  • Safety switches are fitted as per Government Regulations – Refer to Fact Sheet

Checklist B

This checklist includes items that are recommendations gained from our experience as Managing Agents. Whilst they are not a legal requirement they may be advantageous for you to include or attend prior to leasing. They may assist in achieving the optimum rental available, help in the ongoing maintenance of your property or simply safeguard your investment.

  • Copies of instructions manuals for appliances left in the property for tenants reference, if applicable
  • Placement of picture hooks on walls – then a restriction can be placed on the tenant for any future picture hook allowances
  • If you are a Lessor that would like to pass on some water costs to the tenant, please refer to the Water Charging Fact Sheet