We like to give our clients the best possible advantage for home selling in Townsville. We use intelligent strategies, and smart ideas to publicise and promote properties for sale. Choose us when you are ready for home selling, if you want a dedicated team who is familiar with the local area, and who is prepared to launch your property on the Australian market.

Many people want to live in Queensland – especially Townsville. We want these potential buyers to see your property, from wherever they live. We want them to be inspired by your real estate, and motivated to make a purchase.

Advertising for success

In today’s society more and more people are turning to the internet to help them find their dream property. John Gribbin Realty utilise a combination of online marketing and print to help you achieve the best possible price by using the following tools:

  • National reach by listing with Australia’s top two online portals realesate.com & domain.com, along with other online portals including our own website
  • Local publications such as the Townsville Bulletin Real Estate Guide, direct mails and our own in-house magazine
  • Location marketing through window cards and electronic display screens

Preparing for Success

Once you have made the decision to sell – you naturally want to get the BEST price possible. First impressions count, so think about how your home will best be presented to potential buyers. Here are some tips to help you maximise the potential of your property:

  • Before selling, check items such as roofing for cracked tiles, rusted sheeting, guttering, exterior paint work as these items can be off putting for a potential buyer
  • Clean all exterior and internal windows
  • Shampoo the carpets, you will be surprised at how vibrant and fresh your carpets will look after a good clean
  • Don’t be afraid to invest in employing a professional cleaner as they can have the house very clean in a short amount of time
  • Wipe away marks on the walls, cupboards and light switches
  • Ensure your home maximises light – open curtains and check all light bulbs are working
  • Buyers will always scrutinise kitchens, bathrooms and wet areas. It is important to ensure that the shower recess, screens, toilets and mirrors are clean and smell fresh
  • Mow the lawn regularly, particularly before an open for inspection
  • Reduce clutter – it creates an impression of space so remove anything you don’t want to take

Marketing for Success

  • Prepare your property so it is at its best for the professional photography, as you only get one chance of putting it on the market
  • Communicate with your agent to establish the best method for arranging inspections and suitable times
  • Provide your agent with an access plan to ensure inspections are not delayed
  • Supply your agent with a copy of the council rates and water charges along with plans and any council approvals

Achieving a successful sale

Choosing the best method of sale for your property is vital to achieving the best possible price. Your agent will be able to guide you through the pricing process. The most common form of selling is by private treaty. In general selling by private treaty gives the seller greater control over the sale, more time to consider offers by potential buyers and the ability to extend the time the property is listed on the market. When setting a price for your sale by private treaty an experienced agent becomes a vital source of information. Ask for their guidance when establishing your asking price and refer to comparable sales in the area. Don’t rely on current competition as often this evidence can be misleading as the listing price may differ greatly to the end sale price.

Selling by Auction is a public sale that happens at a specific date, time and place. Setting an auction date groups all interested buyers together at one time thus creating a competitive environment. The marketing undertaken for an auction property needs to be more focused and will most likely cost a little more than a normal marketing program. Should the property sell on auction day under the hammer, the property is sold and there is no cooling off period for the buyer or the seller.